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I'm not exaggerating when I say Dr. Wes Hill saved my life.  I broke my back years ago which I assume is the origin of my back and neck pain.  As I got older, the pain grew worse.  It got to the point that one day I couldn't turn my head from side to side.  Luckily my telephone was within reach so I called a friend who has a key to my house to come over and help me out of bed.  No matter how many applications of pain-relieving cream, hot packs, or neck massages, the pain did not subside.  I overcame my fear of needles and went for acupuncture which helped as long as the needles were in place.  After I got home, the pain returned in full force.

A friend saw an article about Dr. Hill in our local newspaper and suggested I visit him.  I was impressed that he didn't simply give me a glance and pop my neck as I thought he would.  He made me take X-rays to determine the problem and after careful examination, treated my neck and back.  I felt immediate relief and continued treatments until there was no hint of pain.

Kathryn Fanning, OKC