“If you have ever needed to see a Chiropractic doctor and were afraid to, let me help put your mind at ease.

I took a fall last September, on my tailbone and was immediately in excruciating pain. I went to the emergency room for x-rays. They did not find any fractures but after having continuing pain, my family doctor sent me for an MRI. The test showed a fractured vertebra and some bulging discs.

I came into Dr. F. Wes Hill’s office, with the MRI so he could see where the problem was. That was the smartest move I have ever made. After reviewing my x-rays, he told me he thought he could fix my problem. My family doctor wanted me to see an orthopedic doctor and have back surgery, where they would go in and cement my vertebrae. Now, I’ve had so much surgery for one thing or another and did not want to have more. When I went to see Dr. Hill, I was using a cane and a walker, and using pain meds just to be able to get around.

Today, after about 3 months, I no longer have to use anything to get around; Thanks to Dr. Hill. I will recommend him to anyone. He is the best.

Thank you Dr. Hill for all you’ve done for me.

Also Thanks to Brandi for your professionalism, courtesy, and caring.”

-Barbara H.

Skeptical no more

I’ve always been a skeptic about chiropractors, but my pain was getting out of control. I felt it was time to do something about it. My sister and brother-in-law highly recommended Dr. Hill. After he took my first x-rays, he explained in detail why I was having so much pain and it all started to make sense. After a couple of months everything just clicked back into place and I was holding my head high again because the pain was gone. Not only did I feel better physically, but mentally as well. I now look forward to my regular monthly visits with Dr. Hill to make sure I never have to feel that pain again. Thank you Dr. Hill!

-Lori S.


I started having headaches in third grade from TMJ. Dr. Hill started treating me and the headaches and the TMJ went away. Now I visit him when I have stress headaches instead of taking medicine.

~ Melodie Lance

Family Health

Dr. Wes Hill is my hero in many ways. After injuring my back at work and not wanting to file workers comp, I found my way to his office. The very first visit gave me immediate relief and I was able to bend over and walk again. The follow-up visits made me healthy and happy – being able to do things that I had not been in a while. When you feel the great level of relief that I did, you can’t help but to share your success with those you love and care about. Now enters my husband – “All that chiropractic stuff is voodo mumble jumble, once you go to a chiropractor you have to keep going to them the rest of your life.” This is coming from a man that can’t lift his legs high enough to put on his socks – he had a scooping motion thing that had been working for him for a while. He ended up taking me to one of my appointments one day while we were out running errands and he came in the office to wait for me. He observed my treatment and met Dr. Hill for the first time. He was impressed by how personable and down to earth Dr. Hill and his staff are. To my embarassment, he shared his voodoo opinions with Dr. Hill who never flinched. Together with Dr. Hill, I convinced my husband to just give it a try with an open mind. The man who couldn’t put on his socks without discomfort now thinks he can do cartwheels. He thinks going to Dr. Hill was one of his best ideas yet!

As many do, I drifted off – changed employers who wouldn’t pay for chiropractic…. Dayton Tire closed so my husband lost his job. Life changed but Dr. Hill didn’t. He helped us keep healthy through some real tough times – something I never would have hoped or expected a medical professional to do. Dr. Hill is committed to the well-being of his patients – he is dedicated to the health of each and every one of us. Dr. Hill is a positive influence in those and the world around him.

Due to my financial embarassment with our life changes, I stopped going to Dr. Hill and when my spine health deteriorated so did my overall health. Of course my insurance with my new employer would cover my primary physician and specialists but not chiropractic care so I was going to medical doctor appointments left and right – just not taking care of my overall health through chirpractic. After almost a year without chiropractic treatments, I went back to Dr. Hill in crisis. Within that years time, at the age of 41 I was on THIRTEEN pill prescriptions (two of which I needed to pick up the refills) THREE types of prescription ointments and TWO different types of prescription nasal sprays. After going through my grocery bag of pill bottles I went to him with, he explained what each was doing to me and which ones were counter-acting each other as well as which ones were to combat side effects of the others. Amazing, I believe in medicine – but, WOW! I immediately stopped taking the anti-convulsive and those that could cause the convulsions if that tells you where I was at that time medically. We discussed the approach I wanted to take to get off the pills and get healthy again. It makes me so happy to say that now I take THREE prescriptions – THREE! That is all it takes and I feel GREAT!

Dr. Hill is fun-loving, kind, compassionate and an overall great person and Doctor. We teased with him about naming our baby – Doctor Hill Junior; and our now four-year son calls Doc Hill Dr. Feelgood as well as Dr. Magic Fingers. Chiropractic health is a family affair for us and we never plan to leave the Dr. Hill Fan Club!

-Karmen Miller, OKC

Another happy patient

I’m not exaggerating when I say Dr. Wes Hill saved my life. I broke my back years ago which I assume is the origin of my back and neck pain. As I got older, the pain grew worse. It got to the point that one day I couldn’t turn my head from side to side. Luckily my telephone was within reach so I called a friend who has a key to my house to come over and help me out of bed. No matter how many applications of pain-relieving cream, hot packs, or neck massages, the pain did not subside. I overcame my fear of needles and went for acupuncture which helped as long as the needles were in place. After I got home, the pain returned in full force.

A friend saw an article about Dr. Hill in our local newspaper and suggested I visit him. I was impressed that he didn’t simply give me a glance and pop my neck as I thought he would. He made me take X-rays to determine the problem and after careful examination, treated my neck and back. I felt immediate relief and continued treatments until there was no hint of pain.

-Kathryn Fanning, OKC

Pain Relief

Agony to Mobility in less than a week.
-Richard Willman

Dr. Hill gets results- This is my second time (in 3 years) that I’ve come to Dr. Hill for different acute problems and I have always experienced a positive outcome.

If it hadn’t been for Dr. Hill, I would still be in pain and probably not walking.
-Billy Hester

A chiropractors wife

I had had migraines since the age of 10. No treatments had ever fully helped. Sure, I could take medication and get some slight relief, but I still had 2-4 migraines a month. The headaches were so bad that I would get very nauseated and vomit. Holding down a job as well as going to school was hard, as I missed many days. I was skeptical about chiropractic helping but was willing to give it a shot. Finally I met a chiropractor and after treating with him….no migraines! I was so pleased with the result that I married the man. I am not just a chiropractors wife, I am a knower……I know chiropractic works!

-Kari Hill, Dr. Hill’s wife

My Chiropractic Experience

I have been seeing Dr. Hill for about four months. I have seen a tremendous difference in my body. I no longer have pain in my hip or soreness in my lower back. I have even stopped taking high blood pressure medication. I asked Dr. Hill how chiropractic treatment could help my high blood pressure problem and he advised me that he could adjust my neck and it would help. I tracked my blood pressure and since his first adjustment to my neck I have been able to discontinue the medication. I am more comfortable and able to do more yard work too. Dr. Hill and his staff are very customer service oriented and make each short visit fun.
-Billie Kindschuh

General Comments

Here are the things I like about Dr. Hill and his office staff, Tiffany and Erin:
They create a positive atmosphere, they are adaptable and flexible about appointments, they don’t waste your time, they are upbeat and friendly and they are prompt about letting you know if there are appointment changes.

Why I come to Dr. Hill…
He inspires confidence that you will get better. He is a good listener about your progress and relevant concerns. He will amend the treatment plan according to your current input in order to reach the overall goal. Dr. Hill shows he will advocate for the patient during acute phases and temporary ability changes.

Q: What I don’t like about Dr. Hill and his staff?
A: Not a thing. However, I am extremely particular about my personal health care providers, so I’ll let you know if I come up with anything I don’t like.


Why go to Dr. Hill? It’s simple….RESULTS. Here at my work you can easily find over 30 people that will share their great results from seeing Dr. Hill.

-Gary Cagle

WEST success

Chiropractic adjustments get to the heart of the problem and most conventional doctors just want to give you pain pills. Dr. Hill treats the whole person and this approach is refreshing and much more effective.

Dr. Hill is phenomenal- I have been going to him for years and he is always proffesional and has definitely helped me with my neck and back problems, which were extensive. I went to several neurologists who have not helped me as much as he has. Thank you Dr. Hill.

I recommend Dr. Hill to all my friends and once people have gone to him, they come back and thank me. He has helped so many people and we all simply cannot thank him enough!

I sincerely believe I would not be walking nearly as well as I do since going to Dr. Hill. You will not be hanging around in a waiting room forever, or changing into a paper gown and as a busy person I appreciate this very much. He and his staff are always accommodating, polite, and professional and I can’t say enough good things about him.

-Diana Chapman (WEST business services)