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Dr. Wes Hill is my hero in many ways.  After injuring my back at work and not wanting to file workers comp, I found my way to his office.  The very first visit gave me immediate relief and I was able to bend over and walk again.  The follow-up visits made me healthy and happy - being able to do things that I had not been in a while.  When you feel the great level of relief that I did, you can't help but to share your success with those you love and care about.  Now enters my husband - "All that chiropractic stuff is voodo mumble jumble, once you go to a chiropractor you have to keep going to them the rest of your life."  This is coming from a man that can't lift his legs high enough to put on his socks - he had a scooping motion thing that had been working for him for a while.  He ended up taking me to one of my appointments one day while we were out running errands and he came in the office to wait for me.  He observed my treatment and met Dr. Hill for the first time.  He was impressed by how personable and down to earth Dr. Hill and his staff are.  To my embarassment, he shared his voodoo opinions with Dr. Hill who never flinched.  Together with Dr. Hill, I convinced my husband to just give it a try with an open mind.  The man who couldn't put on his socks without discomfort now thinks he can do cartwheels.  He thinks going to Dr. Hill was one of his best ideas yet!
As many do, I drifted off - changed employers who wouldn't pay for chiropractic.... Dayton Tire closed so my husband lost his job.  Life changed but Dr. Hill didn't.  He helped us keep healthy through some real tough times - something I never would have hoped or expected a medical professional to do.  Dr. Hill is committed to the well-being of his patients - he is dedicated to the health of each and every one of us.  Dr. Hill is a positive influence in those and the world around him.
Due to my financial embarassment with our life changes, I stopped going to Dr. Hill and when my spine health deteriorated so did my overall health.  Of course my insurance with my new employer would cover my primary physician and specialists but not chiropractic care so I was going to medical doctor appointments left and right - just not taking care of my overall health through chirpractic.  After almost a year without chiropractic treatments, I went back to Dr. Hill in crisis.  Within that years time, at the age of 41 I was on THIRTEEN pill prescriptions (two of which I needed to pick up the refills) THREE types of prescription ointments and TWO different types of prescription nasal sprays.  After going through my grocery bag of pill bottles I went to him with, he explained what each was doing to me and which ones were counter-acting each other as well as which ones were to combat side effects of the others.  Amazing, I believe in medicine - but, WOW!  I immediately stopped taking the anti-convulsive and those that could cause the convulsions if that tells you where I was at that time medically.  We discussed the approach I wanted to take to get off the pills and get healthy again.  It makes me so happy to say that now I take THREE prescriptions - THREE!  That is all it takes and I feel GREAT!
Dr. Hill is fun-loving, kind, compassionate and an overall great person and Doctor.  We teased with him about naming our baby - Doctor Hill Junior; and our now four-year son calls Doc Hill Dr. Feelgood as well as Dr. Magic Fingers.  Chiropractic health is a family affair for us and we never plan to leave the Dr. Hill Fan Club!
Karmen Miller, OKC